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Downloading  BioHPC

You can download the entire BioHPC distribution as one compressed file from our ftp site. You will need to unpack the distribution and then follow the installation instructions from this web site or from the file INSTALL.txt included with the distribution. Web site instructions are updated more frequently. You may want to register with BioHPC in order to receive notifications about new releases and bug fixes.

We have just finished new software distribution that includes the newest features (next generation sequencing support, web services), but not all of them are described yet in the documentation ... Please feel free to contact us with any questions, you can also download the old distribution below.

Download newest distribution from CBSU ftp site [Version 1 Rev 293 last updated 2010/04/22 11:27:22  EDT, size 923MB]

It is also possible to download the BioHPC distribution component by component:
        Network drive files [size 180MB]
        Web server files [size 16MB]
        Compute node files [size 726MB]
        MS SQL database files [size 1MB]

Download previous distribution from CBSU ftp site [Version 1 Rev 211 last updated 2009/08/03 15:05:05  EDT, size 866MB]

If you plan to use HPC Basic Profile in order to access remote clusters you will need to install a supplementary web service providing information about available resources that is missing in the HPC Basic Profile implementation. Otherwise BioHPC will not know how many nodes/cores are available at the moment and it will not be able to submit jobs based on resource availability.
        HPCBP Supplemental Web Service

You may need to download additional (free) software from Microsoft that may be necessary for BioHPC to work on your web server. The following packages may be required:

Microsoft Windows SDK
Microsoft .NET 3.5 Runtime
Microsoft SQL Express Advanced

Perl and Cygwin are also required on the cluster nodes, but their installers are included in the distribution.

You may also need Visual Studio 2008 if you want to modify and recompile the interface or any of the accompanying programs.

You will also need a cluster to run your computations. BioHPC supports clusters built on Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 or Microsoft Windows 2003 Compute Cluster Server (64 bit).

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