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BioHPC Web Service Access

Web service is a convenient way of utilizing web-based services without going through web pages. Web service layer has been added to BioHPC quite recently and it enables job submission and control through other clients, such as MS Excel or Perl scripts. Through web services, BioHPC can be easily integrated with various software platforms where it can be used as an application / computational engine:

  • Convenient user interfaces other than web forms, e.g. Excel – job submission with immediate results visualization and analysis

  • Incorporate HPC applications in automated analysis pipelines – especially important in the context of Next Generation  Sequencing pipelines

  • BioHPC resources available for command-line utilization, local desktop application can fork its computing to a remote cluster (or cloud) via BioHPC and then utilize results.

Example 1. BioHPC MS Excel Add-in.

We have developed BioHPC Excel ribbon interacting with BioHPC site. Screenshots below show its use to submit and visualize a MDIV job.


Example 2. MBF BLAST access from MS Excel.


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